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The Studio Table

I met Seth Apter in May 2011 when he was teaching a series of workshops in Portland at Collage. I took his 52-Card workshop and spent a good part of the day in very good company working on our cards and talking.

I still owe him a collaged page from a piece he gave me for a book he’s eventually putting together of pages sent in from artists he’s met all over.

I actually have yet to complete that 52-card workshop piece, but the techniques I picked up during that afternoon have really positively influenced my current artwork.

Seth is running a project today called “The Studio Table“. He’s asked artists to photograph their own studio table and post photos today. I’m a bit of a late entry, but it has been something of a busy day.

Since I have a big corner desk, I took a couple of shots to get it all in. Here’s the side with my Golden Acrylic Medium collection:

Next we have an assortment of boxes of paper, there are of course more, these are just the ones I’m currently sifting through for very small bits of emphera or images to go on puzzle piece brooches.

Since this is a post sharing what it looks like when we’re at work creating, here’s a special shot of my co-creative project with Gary Hirsch, The Incomplete Story, my MettaBot assembly line photographed together.

These will be an active project once I finish some and place them. On their backs they have a brief description of Metta (Loving-Kindness) and a link to this page which gives the brief directions on how to do Metta meditation practice.

Right now I’m focusing on photography of finished pieces, brooches, and small collage cards. This means the MettaBots still aren’t fully assembled, but they’re coming along nicely.

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